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With a debt consolidation loan from Wink Capital, you control your future. No more calls from creditors, no more high interest rates, no more paying the minimum balance. We are offering you one simple monthly payment at almost 50% less than what you are currently paying. Together we can help you control your finances.



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Following your current payment plan, you will pay total interest of
to your current banking institution before paying off your debt.

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With Wink Capital, you will pay a total interest of


Brooklyn, NY
I thought not having my kids all the time was going to be the hardest part of my divorce. I hadn’t thought about setting up a new home, car, and life on half the income I had before. My credit card spending got out of my grasp. But, that’s not what killed me. It was the interest I was racking up. Even though I never missed a payment, I could only pay the minimum. I had no money to do anything else. When I consolidated my debt with Wink Capital, things turned around for me. Suddenly, I could start saving again. I felt like my life was going to be okay.
Port St. Lucie, FL
After I graduated, I was lucky enough to get into the grad school of my choice. And, I figured out a way to go to school without having to work at the same time. However, all my friends were working serious jobs and making serious money. I thought I could keep up with them but I was just kidding myself. I got into a lot of credit card debt, and then because I wasn’t working, had limited money to pay back the bills. I missed a bunch of payments and got really scared. It even affected my schoolwork because I was so distracted. My credit score sank and so did my grades. When I got the mail offer from Wink Capital, I didn’t think I would be approved because of my credit score and so many missed payments. They actually listened to me and helped me. Now, I can finish school and pay my bills. I won’t be going out as much though, and that’s okay.


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